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Performance & Events


Muddy Trials! Evolution -25th March 18
  (10K start, Before the 5K, Prize Giving, Muddy Mile)

Purple Lights for Pancreatic Cancer, World Pancreatic Cancer Day 2017

Muddy Mile (at the Muddy Trials!) - 10th September 2017

Woodland Warrior - 5th August 2017
  (10K and 5K races, Warrior Weans)

Muddy Trials! (March 17)
  (10K start, 5K competitors, 10K and 5K competitors, Muddy Mile)

Banjo Mandolin Guitar Festival '16


Bayerlandishen Landeszupforchesters & Da Capo Alba, Musikakademie Hammelburg - 2nd July 2017 (BLZO, Da Capo Alba, Joint Orchestras)

Con Favore & Da Capo Alba, Großalmerode Ratthaus - 30th June 2017 (Con Favore, Da Capo Alba, Joint Orchestras)

Mandolins in the Canongate - 26th November 2016

Jenn Butterworth & Laura-Beth Salter - 13th March 2016

Glasgow Guitar Quartet - 12th March 2016

Heavy Classic in Concert - 11th March 2016

For live events and performances reportage-style photographs are taken unobtrusively without any of the disctractions usually found in full-auto cameras (i.e. the Tacet Lens photographer can photograph with no flash, no distracting auto focus lights and no "bleeps"). If there is appropriate space at an event, use of a portable lighting set-up allows for a pop-up studio if more formal portait-style or pictures are required, e.g. if there is a celebrity meet & greet at your event.

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