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Privacy and Cookies

Cookie use

The Tacet Lens site does not require cookies to function and this is the default behaviour when a vistor first views this site or if the browser has disabled javascript. The following social media buttons & links will be fully functional without any use of cookies: Share Save

When cookies are allowed, Tacet Lens does not set tracking cookies but can use cookies to save the viewer's preferences for the next visit or for use on other pages within this site. For some buttons, Facebook requires cookies to know who the current user is. Facebook may set tracking cookies to personalise their adverts but Facebook users can adjust the "ads" settings in their own account. Enabling cookies adds user-specific functionality to the following social media buttons on the Tacet Lens site: Like Follow

Privacy Policy

The Tacet Lens site does NOT collect or share any personal data. Vistors who use the Contact Tacet Lens form are required to incude an e-mail address in order to receive a reponse but this information is not shared with any third parties.

Special care has been taken to prevent un acknowledged website tracking by any third parties. The pages on this website do NOT contain any third party javascript libraries. Social media "buttons" have been specifically coded to redirect the vistor the appropriate page on the relevant social media site. Facebook's Like and Follow buttons do require allowing Facebook to set cookies and are not enabled unless the visitor allows this. Once activated, the relevant buttons are located in an embedded iFrame (essentially an inline miniature webpage hosted on facebook.com) and cross-domain security prevents the iFrame's webpage from any access to the contents of the Tacet Lens page.

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